Perfect harmony at « Grand Guilhem »


Wine is a marvellous subject to talk about and those who know and speak of it, like those who listen to them, will take delight in any knowledge which adds to the pleasure of wine tasting.

Wine does more than create a warm bond between people. It also creates bridges between the senses and the imagination.

Like the cinema, painting, dance or music wine has its critics, its poets, its writers and its technicians. If this cultural phenomenon has grown so much it is because we have changed our drinking habits but it may also be because the wine producers have evolved and made their product a true, living, artistic creation.

Pleasure, emotion, sensuality and curiosity well characterise the new ways of thinking about wine. Simply to drink the wine is no longer sufficient. It is also necessary fully to experience the pleasure. It is therefore not surprising increasingly to meet those who love and are passionate about wine, the dreamers and those who seek out a wine. When this love of wine is also accompanied by a passion for music then inevitably there is a wish for harmony and to tie in the wine maker’s creation with that of a musician; the creation of the wine maker must find an echo in that of the musician.

Any such attempt need go no further if it were not possible to match a musical work to a particular wine All the specialists agree on the uniqueness of a wine.

Is it possible to match a particular wine with a style or type of music? Is there an organ of the brain which links the senses of smell, taste and hearing? Our current state of knowledge about the brain has not yet identified whether such connections exist. However the many associations that we make daily, for example a smell that reminds us of a particular memory, leaves one to think that this contamination between the senses does exist.

Musical enthusiasts have little doubt that this association takes place.

It is not by chance that the vocabulary of wine is enriched by expressions which are also found in the analysis of music for example: beautiful attack, harmony, balance, power, elegance, depth, finale etc.

All these terms that describe the form, the shape, the spirit of a wine are also found in musical expression.

At one time people may have regarded wine merely as a drink but now it has acquired a nobility of its own.

D’après Ylan Schwartz, ‘Le Vin et sa Musique’


Number of participant : maximum 14

90 Euros per person and includes wine tasting and concert, accommodation for one night in the guest house (4 epis/wheat ears) plus breakfast (Additionnal price : 35 Euros for a single room)). 135 Euros per person for 2 nights Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday (Additionnal price : 70 Euros for a single room).
Additionnal price of 29 Euros per people and per night for the “Guilhemissimo” prestation.

Date :

All year, except July & August


Opening and welcome


Wine tasting and music : “Wine and music in perfect harmony”
You will lesson 7 different music pieces while you taste 7 different wines from Domaine Grand Guilhem. Wines include AOC Fitou, Corbières, Rivesaltes & Muscat de Rivesaltes.

0ne night at the guest house (chambre d’hôtes – 4 epis)

Breakfast Sunday morning