The pleasure of food and wine

or The perfect wine to drink with a particular dish


Muscat de Rivesaltes or a 5 year old Rancio drunk chilled as an aperitif stimulates your taste buds. To accompany the Muscat de Rivesaltes some thinly sliced, dried ‘saussison’, “Tapas”, a slice of melon or even Chinese Spring rolls. With foie gras you might try a Rivesaltes Grenache but if you prefer POELE the 5 year old Rancio would be perfect.

For a first course of dips and ‘crudités’ or with a salad, or for a barbecue, the aromatic Corbières Rosé served chilled would be ideal.

Sea food needs something more delicate and a Corbières Blanc (white wine), whose particular character is derived from the schist on which the grapes grow, would be a good complement to the fish course.

For the main course of perhaps poultry or meat cooked in a sauce or even game like wild boar a very good accompaniment would be a Fitou . This is a wine which has a nose of ripe fruit, is well balanced and with/has soft melting tannins. Fitou has an explosive and complex nose, and would be ideal to drink with special and festive dishes.

With a cheese like Roquefort or indeed any blue veined cheese, the Rivesaltes Grenache would be good. Fitou Grand Guilhem and goats cheese go well together and with powerful cheeses like langres, époisses, munster, gapperon then a Corbières Blanc is perfect. The wine to drink with any cheese selected from the cheese board would have to be Fitou Grand Guilhem.

To accompany the dessert the sweet wines are excellent. For example to go with a chocolate dessert then a 5 year old Rancio served at a temperature of between 7°C and 8°C would be perfect. This wine has an aroma of plums, dried figs, its tannins are supple and it. The Rivesaltes Grenache goes with a dessert which has red fruits. With ice cream and sorbets, be again tempted with an elegant Muscat de Rivesaltes!.

Bon appétit…et bonne dégustation