A.O.C Rivesaltes Rancio 5 years old

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Historic Rivesaltes :
First produced in 1295 (Arnau de Vilanova)
Given the title of “Plus grand vin du Royaume” (the most important wine in the kingdom) in 1816

Soil and environment (“Terroir”) :
Soil clay, shale
Steep slopes
Very dry air
339 days of sun per annum (*)

Grape Variety (“Cépage”) :
Grenache Noir, Gris et Blanc (mixed in the more than 80 years vines)

Harvest :
Manual and selective

Yield :
17 hectolitres per hectare (half a bottle per plant)

Wine production (“Vinification”) :
Pressed under pneumatic press.
Fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16°C.
Fermentation stopped (“mutage”) at around 1045 Specific Gravity (SG) ie approximately 9% of alcohol plus any residual sugars.

Maturation (“Elevage”) :
Maturation in barrels for a minumum of 5 years; 1/5th of the total volume added each year.

Taste (“Dégustation”) :
Color : Amber aspect
Nose : Intense, over ripe fruits
Palate : Unctious (“Très gras”), the aroma of plums and dried figs; soft tanins, persists well on the palate.
A wine to drink. To age, as you wish, for many years.

Temperature to serve :
Between 10°C and 10°C

Food to accompany the wine :
Ideal with fried “foie gras”, as an aperitif wine and perfect with chocolated desserts.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation.

(*) : the average nimber of days annualy with sun (source C.D. Météo France aéroport de Perpignan-Rivesaltes)